In January 2020, I was in an accident that impacted the front driver side of the car I was driving. As I saw the impact about to happen, I reflexively turned my body to my right in order to protect my face, chest, etc. after the impact, I immediately presented with hip, shoulder, head and neck pain. While X-rays showed contusions on my left ankle, thigh, hip and collarbone from the seatbelt, doc said it should heal fully within two weeks to a month. I’m a runner and running (not to mention walking) with hip pain was extremely painful and difficult. It pretty much stopped me from doing any kind of exercise and it affected everything I did, standing from sitting, getting out of bed, tying my shoes, even cooking. Another after-effect from the accident was a nervous response I developed whenever a car approached from the right, a form of PTSD. By the time I saw Char in March of 2020, I mostly felt better except for my left hip and the PTSD response. I was still not able to run, etc. Amazingly, after one 50 minute reflex-work session with Char, the hip pain is completely gone. I was easing back into running the next day and to this day a year later (4/23/21). I’m back to running on trails and road and have even slipped once or twice but the hip pain has not returned nor do I have fear of it returning. Also, amazingly, I’m relaxed again in the driver's seat. Which was something I had been working with a therapist with for the three months prior to my session with Char. Thank you, Char!

Vivian C., age 50

In my first session with Char, I learned how much more “wound up” I was than I ever thought. It was soothing to have someone guide me to a state of total relaxation. I suffered from pain and was limited in my bodily movements. Char helped me work around the pain and in a short time, I was relaxed, flexible and empowered. Many thanks to Char. – Cheryl M.

"Terrasoma Movement is one of the most gentle methods of straightening posture I have ever experienced. Char leaves you refreshed and feeling like a new hundred dollar bill! She is a true healer which you cannot teach...she can unlock years of bad behavior with such a relaxing methodology." -Chris B., Age 68

I heard about Char and her unique movement therapy from a friend, and started working with her in December 2018. I knew right away that this was something really different AND crazy effective. I left the first session feeling real hope that I could not only get better, but actually feel even better than I did before the original injury. I’m happy to report that’s exactly what happened. It’s August 16, 2019, and in 8 days I leave for a bucket-list adventure I’ve wanted to do for years. My husband and I will be hiking all 270 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail here in Minnesota – spending 3 weeks on the trail with our backpacks, averaging 12 miles per day, and I’m ready, thanks to Char! Not only do I feel amazing as far as hip, psoas, low back, etc., I’ve learned so much about how integrated my nervous system is with the muscles, fascia, ligaments, tissue and so on, and what a huge part it plays in creating optimal health. I’m a holistic healing practitioner myself (for 18 years) and can say that this work is amazing. You do need to know that the work takes time – you may need to see her once or twice per week for a while – but stick with it because I can tell you there is no way to put a price tag on getting my life back and even more, moving into the best health ever. Do whatever it takes to get on her calendar!

Kay, age 56, Marketing Professional and Sound Healer