What is The Wallace Method?

The Wallace Method is a gentle yet extremely effective form of individualized movement. It is performed either with a practitioner for extra support and expertise or on your own (solo). With practice, it offers the cumulative effect of greater range, mobility, and comfort. It is a way to feel your body more deeply and eventually breathe with greater ease.

What is Rhythmic Movement Training?

RMT consists of a series of simple developmental movements that can be performed at any age. When practiced on a regular basis, these movements have been proven to help with coordination, focus, flexibility, nervous system regulation, memory, and other abilities.

What is reflex integration and how can it help with acute trauma release?

A reflex is an automatic response to a outside stimulus. Sometimes we get "stuck" in automatic responses or reactions. There is a way to quell that automatic response so that we respond from a place of choice. If you've been in a car accident or had a fall, you may have noticed that you developed an automatic reaction that you don't seem to be able to help. You may notice you are suddenly more fearful or anxious than before. This is quite normal and nothing is wrong with you. There are gentle ways to help your body and mind go back to the way it was before the accident. If you have had anxiety for most of your life, there are ways to quell this as well. It may take longer and require more regular practice, but boy, is it worth it.