I hurt. How can you help?

How an Alternative Practitioner Can Help.

Char Terrana

12/16/20221 min read

Did you know that many alternative practitioners can help you and your loved ones with many types of issues?

"Like what"? you ask.

Well, we're all different, and each one of us has a different skillset.

It's a matter of finding the right person for you.

Over the years, I have continually added to my "toolbox" of, well, tools. These tools are not only modalities that I know are effective, but also "soft skills", like meeting my client exactly where she is in her journey, not trying to "fix" or change anyone into the way I think they "should" be - indeed, I drop that altogether.

People have found and worked with me for everything from

  • unknown maladies that Dr.'s couldn't diagnose

  • Stiff person's syndrome (SPS)

  • stroke recovery

  • accident recovery

  • balance recovery

  • postural issues

  • a desire to increase flexibility

  • frozen shoulder

  • sciatica

  • stiff neck

  • cramps, Charlie horses, and spasms

  • lack of coordination

  • sports improvement

  • neurodevelopmental or neurosensory issues, integration of reflexes

  • diminishment of OCD behaviors

    all of the preceding may also have an emotional component that often heals right along with the somatic work

  • and wanting to improve their golf stroke

We are trained in a very different way than a medical practitioner. We understand the interrelationship of all of our systems and do not reduce you to your malady. We spend a longer time with you. Therefore, we can listen more intently to help facilitate a deeper process, because healing often is a process - to help find a solution that requires a deeper involvement by you and with you. Be sure that your chosen practitioner is a good listener and doesn't take your time to talk about themselves.

If you are someone who likes to explore the deeper meanings of things, if it is important to you to have more than ten minutes to describe what is going with you, you've been told "there is nothing you can do" or "you just have to live with it", you want to find a solution other than a pill or surgery, then an alternative approach is for you.

If you haven't yet tried an alternative practitioner, I do encourage you to.

Best of luck on your healing journey.