How do I know if my reflexes aren't working right?

Some symptoms that you may experience when your reflexes are "offline".

12/9/20221 min read

Have you ever, for no apparent reason, veered off to the left or right? Not while you're driving, but while you're walking or biking! Do you have a noticeable weakness on one side or the other? Are you really tight, or really sensitive on one side of your body? This could be indicative of your asymmetric tonic neck reflex (ATNR) being off-line or "unintegrated". Other signs that this may be happening are dyslexia, having trouble reading or listening, left/right challenges, balance difficulties, poor sense of direction, and more.

Do you have motion sickness, vertigo at heights, fear of heights, trouble maintaining balance going up or down stairs or escalators? Did you toe-walk as a kid or do you tend to toe-walk now? These symptoms could be linked to shrunken posture, poor muscle tone, visual, speech, and auditory difficulties, and coordination issues. There's a reflex in our systems that is responsible for these. If it is retained in your body, you can integrate it to mitigate these symptoms.

Did you know that there is a reflex associated with ADD? There are even books written about it. It's called the Symmetric Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR). By integrating this and other reflexes, you can improve your ability to focus and your stamina to focus for longer periods. Up and down head movements can be linked to arm and leg movements (if active), making it difficult to focus and stay still in school.

Are you shy and experience fear when in groups? Do you have a constant underlying anxiety? Feel insecure with low self esteem? It might be an active Fear Paralysis Reflex.

Active foot reflexes may be associated with not only foot sensitivity, but our ability to walk and balance, flat-footedness and, believe it or not, the ability to speak with a flowing rhythm.

Problems with short term memory and attention? IBS? Scoliosis or hip rotation to one side? Bed wetting? Let's see if the Spinal Galant Reflex is playing a role.

These are just a few of the symptoms that so, so many of us deal with in our daily lives. There may be a simple, drug-free solution, called Reflex Integration.

Check it out and see if our approach works for you!